Have an old toy or other gadget that you want repaired or restored?  This might be the place.

I  fix, repair, or restore*  a variety of toys on request, at a reasonable cost.  Drop an email to Joe [toyfixer@swbell.net or joeo1@swbell.net]  with a description and picture(s) of your item for an estimate, to agree on work to be performed, and to make delivery or hand off arrangements. (If I'm not equipped to repair it, I'll let you know). If you're planning to do this as a gift, please allow up to 1-4 months, depending on work involved and my workload. At this time, I am doing this on a part time basis. Typically, labor will be $15/hr (minimum $50 for restoral of metal toys such as Tonka, etc ) +shipping, materials, and parts. 

 *Metal toy repair or restoral  generally involves  dismantling the toy, removing old paint and rust, sanding (usually with blaster) filling pits, primer, paint, repair  or replacement of parts as necessary and/or feasible. Some parts are either impossible to find or costly. My goal is to return the item to as close to new condition as is reasonable.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any loss of value, as some items may be worth more in their original condition. My main objective on this site is to restore toys as near as possible to like new condition.

Contact Joe:  toyfixer@swbell.net



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Not all old toys are  worth a lot of money.  But they're worth something to someone when fixed up and passed along .

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Thanks for visiting my site. ​I will not be taking on any new projects until further notice due to backlog and other commitments. I will finish all current  jobs as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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